But can we afford such high level care?

Believe it or not Care Wish charge about the same as the majority of Care providers. What is true is that there are some cheap care companies and so just a word of warning – you get what you pay for and always check out what it says on the CQC website.

We do specialise in providing care and support for those who pay privately and those who receive Direct Payments but this doesn’t mean that you have to be rich.

Almost everyone we support is eligible for an attendance allowance or some other form of subsidy.

There is no stigma in accepting this money, you will have paid into it all of your life and the Government see such payments as your rights.

Care Wish will help ensure that you get what you are entitled to.

One of our experienced care practioners will be happy to meet and discuss your circumstances in total confidentiality and if you it they will work alongside of to complete the necessary forms.

Care Wish do not believe that there should be any barriers to receiving the correct care and support that is high quality and within your budget.