End Of Life Care

End of Life (Palliative) Care

Our skilled Palliative Care and Support workers provide the link between medical professionals and the daily needs of the persons home and their comfort.

For many people spending the final days in their family home surrounded by their family and friends is extremely important and whilst medical professionals can treat the illness and relieve the pain there are many other task that need to be met.

Palliative care incorporates all elements of the daily living of a person nearing the end of their life. This includes personal care: strip and/or bed wash, mouth care, incontinent care, feeding, domestic cleanliness, shopping as well as patient attendance all of which can be unwanted pressures upon the family members at such a difficult time.

Care Wish recognises that the delivery of quality end of life care services to individuals, their relatives and friends require effective communication, empathy and understanding of the needs of the persons being cared for and the emotional expectations of their family members. Our care services ensure that these expectations are met through careful observation and monitoring and appropriate feedback.

Care Wish provides a dignified, sensitive and person-centred support, to meet the total needs of the client.